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Coşkun and İbrahim Koçak brothers, who started as apprentices in the baklava maker, which is considered the school of baklava making, in 1981, took part in every stage of baklava making under the supervision of their masters and worked for 12 years until they fulfilled their military service.

Established in 1993, Koçak Baklava has been shaped by the experience, meticulousness and understanding of innovation of these two brothers. Without compromising the traditional structure of Gaziantep Baklava, they carried Koçak Baklava to these days with the excitement and enthusiasm of the first day, within the understanding of quality and service.


Koçak Baklava; Under the leadership of Coşkun and İbrahim Koçak masters, it produces with great care with a team of approximately 130 people, keeping control at every stage from raw material selection to reaching the consumer.

It trains baklava masters from a young age, and provides a training process from apprentice to master, almost like a school.
A Food Engineer works within the company to ensure that all the products it manufactures reach you, the consumers, at the same quality. It pays attention to the collection of raw materials in their own season, their careful selection and keeping them fresh. The products, produced by the hands of their skilful masters, are cooked in stone ovens and sweetened with natural sugar syrup. Products that are determined to meet Koçak Baklava standards in terms of taste and quality are brought to the consumer.

No additives that may adversely affect human health are used in its products, and care is taken in personnel and production area hygiene.
Koçak Baklava carries out its own production under hygienic conditions in its 5-storey facility with an area of ​​2000 m2 and offers it for sale in 2 branches in Gaziantep.

In the presentation and packaging of the finished products, 80% chemical-free packaging materials and boxes belonging to our company are used in order to keep the product longer and prevent it from being affected by adverse weather conditions.


Koçak Baklava, which has adopted the philosophy of quality management, continues its work without compromising its principles at every stage. Qualified personnel, who are active in offering quality products, have brought together quality materials and appropriate production environment and enriches its product range day by day.
All materials and raw materials used for production are inspected and put into use.

Koçak Baklava has TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and HALAL Food Certificates and applies these systems on the enterprise. In addition, it aims at maximum customer satisfaction with the seminars that it gives to its personnel, including topics such as 'Customer Relations and Communication'.

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